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Suntrust Park Opening Day 2017 300x225

Baseball Stadium–Atlanta, GA

We provided multiple crews to support the installation and startup of the building automation system for a 41,500 seat baseball stadium. We assisted the automation contractor with quoted and time & material work to ensure an on-time delivery of the building prior to opening day.

Nfs 300x204

Corporate Headquarters

Infinity Building Solutions, LLC performed the installation of the state of the art Automated Logic control system in this 750,000 square foot office complex. The building has over 750 terminal units, an 1800 ton chiller plant, 42 air handlers, and multiple stair and elevator pressurization systems.

Eagle Rock Exterior 1200x900 300x225

Nation’s Largest Production Studio

Infinity Building Solutions, LLC performed the installation of the building automation installation for this 465,000 sq. ft. production studio, the largest under one roof in the nation. The installation consisted of 40 DX RTU, 41 terminal units, and a facility-wide CO/NO2 monitoring system with exhaust system interlock.

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