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Are There Strange Noises Coming from Your Air Conditioner?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment usually make sounds as it turns on, runs, blows air, and shuts off. You get used to these sounds, knowing your HVAC system is operating normally in the background. However, when you hear something unusual, it is important to pay attention. There are several sounds that indicate you have a problem with your Johns Creek, GA home’s HVAC system. You can troubleshoot to determine whether the sound is from a simple issue that is easy to fix or if it is time to call for professional HVAC repairs.

Uncommon Air Conditioner Noises That Demand Attention

Today’s high-efficiency HVAC systems are designed to operate quietly. Unusual sounds or loud noises should be immediately investigated. Waiting can cause a small problem to become a big one.

Some air conditioner noises should not be ignored:

  • Clanging and banging often indicate a loose part or something out of balance. Check the placement of fans and blades in the indoor and outdoor cabinets. Fan blades may be hitting a branch or leaves stuck in the cabinet. More serious problems include an unbalanced blower or a loose piston or rod inside the compressor.
  • Squealing usually indicates a part is malfunctioning or has failed. Fan motors, blower motors, and blower wheels often squeal when they are worn out. Some units squeal for a few seconds when they start up. If you are familiar with your air conditioner’s normal sounds, you will be able to distinguish startup noises from those that are unusual.
  • High-pitched screaming may indicate a serious problem. This sound may be because of a lack of refrigerant or a failing compressor. If the system does not shut down on its own, turn it off immediately and call a professional for HVAC repairs.

Call the Pros at Infinity Building Solutions

Infinity Building Solutions LLC is a full-service HVAC contractor, providing new installations, repairs and maintenance for homes and businesses in North Georgia. Our service technicians are NATE-certified in core competencies and specialties. When we come to your home or office for repairs, we examine the entire system and run diagnostics to fully identify the problem. We provide written estimates and recommendations for repair. We are a Trane Comfort Specialist with training and experience to work on all brands of HVAC equipment.

If your air conditioner is making strange noises or is not performing up to expectation, call the professionals at Infinity Building Solutions, LLC for repair service.

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