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Experience the Efficiency and Versatility of Ductless HVAC

Summertime weather conditions in Georgia are overwhelmingly hot and humid. Nevertheless, those winter cold fronts can make Buford feel downright cold. It’s hard to maintain a comfortable indoor environment when the weather is constantly changing. Fortunately, ductless HVAC can handle that and more.

How a Ductless Mini-split Increases Energy Efficiency

The degree of energy efficiency that a central HVAC system can offer depends on your ductwork. Leaky ducts can cause energy losses of up to 30 percent in the average Georgia home. Because ductless heating and cooling systems do not involve ducts, your energy costs are instantly reduced.

Efficiency is also determined by fuel utilization. Gas and oil are expensive. However, ductless mini-splits don’t burn fuel. Rather, they extract heat from outdoor air and move that heat indoors to keep you warm. The savings are significant, and heat in outdoor air is a free and sustainable resource.

Conserve Energy Usage With Area-Specific Heating and Cooling

Versatile ductless technology can heat or cool one room, several rooms, or all rooms. Treated air is not wasted on unoccupied zones. That saves energy and lets you customize temperatures in every room.

Ductless technology gives you a degree of control over temperature and fan speeds that’s comparable to that of a high-efficiency variable-speed heat pump.

Treated air is delivered via discreet, wall-mounted indoor units that require zero space. Each unit has its own remote and governs the temperatures in its zone. One outdoor unit can power up to five indoor units.

Climate Control for Home Additions and Remodels

Ductless HVAC can easily accommodate changes in your home. New additions, remodeled garage apartments, and mother-in-law suites can all be heated and cooled by adding another indoor unit.

Mini-splits are relatively easy to install, and they don’t involve tearing up your house. At Infinity Building Solutions, LLC, we guarantee professional installation services. Visit us online to see for yourself.

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