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At Infinity Building Solutions, LLC, we take pride in bringing our customers the very best in residential climate control. For situations that demand flexible, energy-efficient solutions, look no further than our full-service ductless heating and cooling solutions.


What Is a Ductless AC System?

Like traditional air conditioners, ductless heating and cooling systems use refrigerant to absorb, transport, and release heat energy. The key difference is that ductless systems, also called mini-splits, don't use a central air handler to distribute air throughout your home. Instead, they feature one or more indoor air handler units. These units, usually mounted to a wall or floor, directly condition the air around them.

In place of cumbersome air ducts, mini-splits require only small conduits to carry refrigerant lines, drain lines, and power cables. What's more, most ductless systems are actually heat pumps, which means they're able to move heat in either direction. When the weather starts to change, simply switch the mode on your mini-split and you're good to go.

Mini-Splits Offer Unrivaled Efficiency and Precision

There are many reasons to consider installing a mini-split, but two of the biggest advantages are efficiency and precision. Instead of burning fuel for warmth, ductless heating systems utilize the heat energy already in the air. This makes them significantly cleaner and more efficient than traditional heating options. Because they don't need to circulate air through leaky ductwork, they also waste a lot less energy.

In addition, mini-splits are compact, modular, and easy to install. This allows you to place air handlers exactly where you need them, even if space is at a premium. Whether you're building a full HVAC system or conditioning a converted garage, going ductless may be the perfect solution.

Suwanee’s Ductless Heating and Cooling Specialists

Are you ready to discover the endless possibilities afforded by ductless mini-splits? From simple one-room air conditioners to full-scale ductless zoning systems, you'll find it all at Infinity Building Solutions, LLC. Our veteran HVAC specialists have years of hands-on experience working with these technologies. We sell industry-leading Trane equipment, but we're trained and qualified to work with all systems and manufacturers. When you choose North Georgia's local ductless leader, you'll get a one-year labor warranty and a full satisfaction guarantee. Our low-cost professional services include:

  • Full system design, installation, and replacement
  • Troubleshooting and ductless AC repairs
  • Performance tune-ups and preventive maintenance

If you think a ductless AC system may be right for you, just call Infinity Building Solutions, LLC. We'll help you explore your options and get started with a free and transparent quote.

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